Saturday, 22 October 2016

Mystic Memories a Laura Denison Design

I recently travelled to Salem, to attend a gathering a which, Laura Denison of Following The Paper Trail was teaching an album.   From the very first time I saw Laura audition it on Ustream I was hooked.

 This album has a certain mystery to it. I was able to let some of the inner kid come out with the creation of it as well. Everyone needs to be a kid at times.

The digital paper line which Laura designed for this project more than lends itself to this album and in my opinion makes the album as mystical as it is.

I hope you enjoy seeing my interpretation of Laura's original pattern.

 A BIG THANK YOU to Laura for sharing her creativity with us.

Front Cover

Back of ALbum  Did a collage.

Inside Cover Page

Inside Spine and Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover with Skeleton through the box and Rune Stones on top in Box.


  1. Wonderful! You did a beautiful job. Still trying to find the time to finish mine.

  2. Love how you finished this album off. The skeleton in the box is awesome.